Bananafish Chit-Chat

“Ask me something else, Sybil,” he said. “That’s a fine bathing suit you have on. If there’s one thing I like, it’s a blue bathing suit.” Sybil stared at him, then looked down at her protruding stomach. “This is a yellow,” she said. “This is a yellow.” “It is? Come a little closer.” Sybil took a step forward. “You’re absolutely right. What a fool I am.” “Are … Continue reading Bananafish Chit-Chat

Who is laughing at mankind?

According to my suspiciously easy teaching contract, I’m supposed to teach at my school only 16 days a month. The theory behind this is that the same teaching contract applies to all teachers in my program placed in Tokyo Prefecture. Up until a few years ago, most of those teachers were not placed in the greater metropolitan Tokyo area, but were rather in the outskirts … Continue reading Who is laughing at mankind?