Part 1: The School Physical

Listen to the story! Music: “Ethereal” – Once Were Ghosts “Moon Child” – Quint Baker “Bolted Doors” – Mr. Bitterness and the Guilty Pleasures “Dream World” – Quint Baker “The 60 Minute Zoo” – Electric Mirrors “Glitch” – Kirk Pearson “Moontime” – The IMG “Tetris” – Stealing Orchestra “Space” – Andy G. Cohen “Reliable Source” – Nicolas Falcon   Read the story: I’ve been thinking … Continue reading Part 1: The School Physical

The fashionable Tokyo suburb: Kichijoji

It’s finally getting to the point where it’s warm enough to be very pleasant biking to work each morning. It takes me about 25 minutes from my house to school, depending on my luck with traffic signals and how furiously I’m biking. The first and best part of the ride snakes through a heavily wooded section of the beautiful Inokashira Park. There’s always a sweet … Continue reading The fashionable Tokyo suburb: Kichijoji

Tokyo Tower Jam Sessions

I think there’s nothing as purely enjoyable as sitting outside, even in the frosty cold of March, and playing music. Last Spring my musical friend and I used to do this quite a bit in the park next to my apartment (the beautiful Inokashira Park). We’d place ourselves on a bench (or on the ground if we had the foresight to bring a blanket) facing … Continue reading Tokyo Tower Jam Sessions

The Shadow Puppets

I’m staring at my little collection of New Years cards from the kiddies, written to me during their Christmas Day Winter Seminar (inhumane), and I just noticed that every one features the phrase “A Happy New Year!” rather than “Happy New Year!” Obviously drilled into them as part of the lesson, but kind of an odd error. Maybe the teacher learned this from the “We … Continue reading The Shadow Puppets

Ruby Tuesdays

This is probably a theme that I’ll often return to, hopefully not to an excess. Ah how do I begin on this particular story? It’s certainly not helping my distracted focus that a pair of foreigners are sitting at the table next to me, engrossed in an interview-style conversation, the subject of which I would name “language and sexuality,” though I can’t be sure seeing … Continue reading Ruby Tuesdays