100-word story: the BAGuette (get it?)

Sometimes I catch myself saying something totally contrary to my own feelings just to assert my Japanese. Today I went into a bakery near my train station to buy a baguette. As the cashier rang up my total, she swung her arm forward — in my mind — very elaborately and dramatically, to point to the price lit up on the register screen facing me. … Continue reading 100-word story: the BAGuette (get it?)

The Japanese Cave-World

The other day I got a random Facebook message from a high school acquaintance (actually I don’t think we ever spoke in high school or thereafter—he’s probably a leftover connection from those early anxious days of Facebook when you befriend everyone you can, and anyone in your high school class is fair game). He wanted to know if I was fluent in Japanese, I guess … Continue reading The Japanese Cave-World