Candy Button Conveyor Belt

Well I’m back in my favorite $5 coffee cafe again today. Ah the coffee tastes a little burnt today…that’s a shame. I thought I would get here sometime mid-afternoon while it was still sunny through the cafe’s wide windows and might even be warm enough to sit outside for a bit, and I’d settle in for several hours. But through a series of lazy decisions earlier … Continue reading Candy Button Conveyor Belt

The Japanese Cellophane Problem

I’m starting to feel a bit more optimistic about my freelancing just in the past few days. The elusive research article editing company sent me a big assignment last week and then immediately another even longer one after I handed that one in. And the LoveInnJapan people have been giving me consistent assignments every week. Incidentally, something odd is happening in the cafe I’m in … Continue reading The Japanese Cellophane Problem

The fashionable Tokyo suburb: Kichijoji

It’s finally getting to the point where it’s warm enough to be very pleasant biking to work each morning. It takes me about 25 minutes from my house to school, depending on my luck with traffic signals and how furiously I’m biking. The first and best part of the ride snakes through a heavily wooded section of the beautiful Inokashira Park. There’s always a sweet … Continue reading The fashionable Tokyo suburb: Kichijoji

Tokyo Tower Jam Sessions

I think there’s nothing as purely enjoyable as sitting outside, even in the frosty cold of March, and playing music. Last Spring my musical friend and I used to do this quite a bit in the park next to my apartment (the beautiful Inokashira Park). We’d place ourselves on a bench (or on the ground if we had the foresight to bring a blanket) facing … Continue reading Tokyo Tower Jam Sessions