100-word story: Stroll to Shimo (photo essay)

It takes about 2.5 hours to walk from my house to Shimokitazawa — Tokyo’s little bohemian hub — or longer if I linger in bakeries and cafes along the way, which I always do. The Google-suggested path I take winds through all these tiny pedestrian pathways where the trees and little homes craning out into the road are only a couple yards asunder. It trails a bit along the Kanda river that feeds into Inokashira Park pond and back and forth over train lines and is altogether a lovely, if somewhat tiring, walk. Today I decided to make a little photo essay of my stroll:







Inexplicably intense security system


I want to buy this house just for that one-person balcony

One thought on “100-word story: Stroll to Shimo (photo essay)

  1. Taryn, Thanks for keeping in touch with your remarkable experiences in Japan. Americans are celebrating Veterans Day this week and it brings back memories. I was in Japan with the Navy in 1950-52 during the Korean War. I have many warm memories of my time there even though it was only a few years after WWII that ended with great destruction in places in Japan My home port was Yokosuka. The Navy provided time off for servicemen during my tour there and I traveled by train to Nikko, the beautiful mountain community of sacred sites founded by a Buddhist monk in the sixth century. I remember the majestic Mt. Fuji rising 12,000 feet above sea level and always visible from the aircraft carrier that was my home away from home during that time. We have more recently hosted friends here in Colorado and continue to enjoy their friendship by email. Love and hugs, Uncle Larry and Aunt Carol


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