100-word story: Lost & Found

Last Friday, I was downtown in Shibuya until 12:25am, aka 15 minutes before my last train. Realizing this, I half-walked half-ran to the nearest station — Shinsen, the local stop just after Shibuya. I had 2 minutes to go until my train, so I ran into the bathroom and ran out again 90 seconds later, making the last train by seconds, and not realizing until several stops in that I had left my iPhone behind in the bathroom stall. When I arrived at my home station I couldn’t exit because my train pass was also left behind in my iPhone case, so I had to explain my predicament to the station attendant. He called Shinsen station, but no answer, so he let me exit without charge and advised me to look in on the situation tomorrow. The next day, I stopped by my station around noon and was a little surprised to see the same attendant from the night before. He greeted me with a refreshed morning cheer and told me that he had called Shinsen a few hours ago and my phone was safely in the possession of the attendant there and I could pick it up any time today. Only in Japan could you leave an iPhone in a train station bathroom at 1am and effortlessly retrieve it the next day.


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