100-word story: Lost & Found

Last Friday, I was downtown in Shibuya until 12:25am, aka 15 minutes before my last train. Realizing this, I half-walked half-ran to the nearest station — Shinsen, the local stop just after Shibuya. I had 2 minutes to go until my train, so I ran into the bathroom and ran out again 90 seconds later, making the last train by seconds, and not realizing until … Continue reading 100-word story: Lost & Found

100-word story: The Surprise Visitor

Last weekend I went to one of my friend’s gigs at a British live house in Ebisu called “What the Dickens.” The band is a massive 7-piece ensemble that only barely fits on the pub’s narrow stage. It’s kind of like a folksy ska band — the 7 pieces include: an electric guitar, an acoustic guitar, drums, a saxophone, a trumpet (though the sax and … Continue reading 100-word story: The Surprise Visitor

100-word story: Dating trading cards

One of the best ways I’ve found to combat the disappointment and monotony of online dating in Japan is to screenshot all of the winners I find. After a year of so of doing this I’ve collected a pretty good stash. So without further ado, my top ten: 10. Contemplative 9. A good warning 8. Oh you know, not too. 7. Yeah that must be … Continue reading 100-word story: Dating trading cards

The Podcast Chronicles Begin

There’s a long-ponytailed middle-aged Japanese man standing at the counter right now, the back of whose shirt reads “Rock and Roll is a vacation from my f–king life.” I’m not bleeping out that word on my own, incidentally, that’s literally how it’s written on his shirt. Now that he’s turned around to face me he does have a kind of aging rocker vibe to him … Continue reading The Podcast Chronicles Begin

Candy Button Conveyor Belt

Well I’m back in my favorite $5 coffee cafe again today. Ah the coffee tastes a little burnt today…that’s a shame. I thought I would get here sometime mid-afternoon while it was still sunny through the cafe’s wide windows and might even be warm enough to sit outside for a bit, and I’d settle in for several hours. But through a series of lazy decisions earlier … Continue reading Candy Button Conveyor Belt

The Japanese Cellophane Problem

I’m starting to feel a bit more optimistic about my freelancing just in the past few days. The elusive research article editing company sent me a big assignment last week and then immediately another even longer one after I handed that one in. And the LoveInnJapan people have been giving me consistent assignments every week. Incidentally, something odd is happening in the cafe I’m in … Continue reading The Japanese Cellophane Problem

Pilgrimage to the Sea and Mountains – Part 2

Tonight is my second night staying at the big Japanese house in Kii-Tanabe. Last night I was the only guest, but tonight there’s 2 other families staying here with me–all Japanese–for a total of 6 other guests (4 adults, 2 kids). One of the kids is actually screaming in the next room at the moment. The walls are surprisingly thick, though, so even though I … Continue reading Pilgrimage to the Sea and Mountains – Part 2

Pilgrimage to the Sea and Mountains – Day 1

I think this might have been my longest hiatus from this site now. I really fell off of my once a week posting plan. For the past few months I’ve been slowly transitioning from my job teaching English at a public high school in Tokyo to being a full-time freelancer. So for maybe a month and a half that basically meant working almost 2 jobs … Continue reading Pilgrimage to the Sea and Mountains – Day 1

The LASIK experience in Japan

For the first time, I’m sitting across from my laptop without any glasses or contacts between my eyes and the screen in front of me. Last Saturday, I finally got LASIK surgery here in Japan. The first time I considered getting LASIK was back when I was living in Wisconsin. Probably at least partially due to the inhuman winter I experienced my first year there … Continue reading The LASIK experience in Japan