The LASIK experience in Japan

For the first time, I’m sitting across from my laptop without any glasses or contacts between my eyes and the screen in front of me. Last Saturday, I finally got LASIK surgery here in Japan. The first time I considered getting LASIK was back when I was living in Wisconsin. Probably at least partially due to the inhuman winter I experienced my first year there … Continue reading The LASIK experience in Japan

The Japanese Cave-World

The other day I got a random Facebook message from a high school acquaintance (actually I don’t think we ever spoke in high school or thereafter—he’s probably a leftover connection from those early anxious days of Facebook when you befriend everyone you can, and anyone in your high school class is fair game). He wanted to know if I was fluent in Japanese, I guess … Continue reading The Japanese Cave-World

Into the Mountains: Komagane, Nagano (Day 2)

It’s amazing how cold it still gets at night in Nagano even when it was a bright and sunny 75 degrees during the day. Tonight I’ve traded the chilly museum-cafeteria common space for my bunk bed in the still-empty dorm room. The hostel and surroundings are so dark and intensely quiet that it feels much later than 8:30pm. I think there are only two other … Continue reading Into the Mountains: Komagane, Nagano (Day 2)

Into the Mountains: Komagane, Nagano (Day 1)

I feel like this hostel hasn’t really optimized the space of its common area that well. It’s a pretty massive room, at the far right corner a little kitchen space with sink, counter, and such essentials. At the back right (where I’m sitting) is a little gray love seat tucked away in a poorly lit corner of the room. To my left and before the … Continue reading Into the Mountains: Komagane, Nagano (Day 1)